Faces of Suicide

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Love, Allison
17 January 1999 - 16 January 2015
Tampa, Florida, United States

Our Remembrance
Allison Love was put to rest on January 17th 2015 who died on January 16th 2015 just one day before her 16th birthday she was non-stopped bullied. Allison was described as sweet outgoing fun nice caring beautiful etc. There were so many nice things about her when I talked to one of her friends it literally killed me inside.

Allison couldn't even go outside without being bullied everywhere she went the bullying was there she switched school a lot times but the bullying was still going on her first school that Allison went to she got bullied because of some picture that went around the other schools she went to said they don't know why Allison got bullied. Allison was very quiet at her other schools but after her 12th move to a new school Allison moved back to her old school thinking they would forget about the picture by now but they didn't Allison had enough so on January 16th 2015 Allison took her on life. All she wanted was for the pain to stop. Allison was only 15 years old she got called thot hoe skank slut etc. everyday because of that picture. So Allison took some pills and hung herself.