Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Ressler, David Michael
01 January 1955 - 07 August 2008
Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of my dear husband and soul mate who I shared the good and the bad for 31 years. This poor man suffered from severe depression for 15 years. He was always trying and he was hospitalized several times and had many ECT treatments.

I don\'t know but I believe he could not live anymore. He also suffered from addiction problems. He had so much shame about this. The year he died he was hospitalized 4 times. The last hospitalization he took his life while in a psychiatric hospital inpatient. How does this happen? I always trusted the mental health system until now. The facility was not up to par in their suicide prevention. They had windows that were not appropriate for psych patients. There are other details but I will not share them here. I hope everyone who has lost someone to suicide or has a mentally ill relative is careful when they choose a hospital. I still have guilt about this. I know we can\'t go back but I wish I would have been more diligent on protecting him from himself in the hospital. It was the one place I did not think I had to watch him to keep him safe. The pain and grief never end.