Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Romero, Phillip
17 September 1972 - 06 July 2016
Bronx, New York

Our Remembrance
I grew up with Phillip and although we were never really close friends I felt a sense of reponsiblity to do this for him and keep his memory alive. We spoke briefly one day if I can recall in 2006 when we saw each other on the subway one morning when I was going to work. Never in my mind could I forsee suicide in his future. I truly wish I had known the pain he was going through and had the opportunity to talk to him on the day he took his life or at the very least the days leading up to it and let him know that life is full of obstacles and that suicide is a permenant solution for a temporary problem. If anyone ... anyone at all is reading this, YOUR NOT ALONE. Many of us just like you go through so much daily stress and depression but suicide is not the answer. Please, I beg you ... talk to a friend,family member, pastor or even a stranger online if thats all you can reach out too, But please don't count yourself out and give up in this journey in life. RIP Phil (aka Born)... Until we meet again, God Bless ! -Matthew Klees

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