Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Roberts, Tina Mary-Ann
03 December 1958 - 16 September 1978
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Our Remembrance
This is a photo of Tina when she was approximately four years old.rnrn
Tina was adopted by two wonderful people - Ed and Mary Roberts. Tina was ahead of her time. In the 70s at 17, she was already concerned about the environment and wanted to go to university and study to be an environmentalist. Her reading list included very thoughtful material like Brave New World and 1984. She loved children. She was intelligent, kind, and loving and had she not suffered from severe depression and lost the struggle, would have lead a wonderfully interesting life.rnrnI wish I could have done more to help my sweet sister, but I was 18 months younger and very naive. I was proud to have been her sister for her 19 short years on this planet. Rest in power my sweet beloved sister. rnrn