Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Mobley, Jeremiah
04 October 1977 - 10 September 2017
Lodi, California

Our Remembrance
Dear Jeremiah,this is Aunt Brenda. I wish that you could have lived a long life and were around to watch your Children grow and become the persons that they were meant to be.You are loved and missed by so many.You left a big dark empty hole in the hearts of the many who loved you.I know that you would not have chosen to leave had you been able to stay.I loved you and my Heart still aches that it turned out this way.I am sure that your know that the Eagles Won the Superbowl! I am sure that you were the invisible man on the field that day.The Victory hollow for us that knew how much you wanted that win for the Eagles.If you had been able to hang in there just a few more hours that day you would have seen it for yourself and just maybe that would have been enough to put just enough joy into your soul and spirit and you would have stayed.We made sure that an Eagles Flag and Eagles colors were present at your Memorial Service in Lodi. I am sure that you know that your Cousin Steven followed you into Heaven just a 7 Months later from Influenza complications.Our family is still reeling and things will never be the same without you two.Love and Kisses,until we are all together again.