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Mills, Kirk
14 February 1983 - 22 September 2009
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
BROCKVILLE - A 26-year-old city man struck and killed by a freight train near the William Street overpass early Tuesday evening wanted to be put in a psychiatric hospital and spoke of suicide, his brother said.

As Brockville police were still investigating the tragedy beneath the overpass, Corey Mills huddled with a group of friends and family members alongside the nearby Via Rail station, still coming to grips with the terrible news.

Although police had yet to identify the victim or reveal much about the circumstances of his death last night, Mills said the victim was his brother, Kirk Mills.

"He's been talking all day about killing himself. He went to the doctor today," Mills told a reporter at the scene. "We never thought it would come down to this."

The incident, which happened around 6 p.m., stopped traffic on the east-west rail line that crosses the city.

City police were called by a witness at 6:10 p.m. who reported a "pedestrian-train accident," said Deputy Chief Lee MacArthur.

The victim was apparently walking along the tracks somewhere between the overpass and the Clarke Transport property to the immediate west, said MacArthur.

The CN freight train was heading east at the time, he said.

The deputy chief said police had not identified the victim or spoken to next of kin, but he did confirm the victim was male.

Early into the investigation, with officers still taking statements from witnesses, MacArthur also would not speculate on whether the incident was a suicide or an accidental death. He did say there was no evidence of foul play.

A coroner was on his way to join in the investigation and MacArthur was not sure how long train traffic would be stopped.

Via Rail passenger service was still working on the other tracks shortly after the incident.

The freight train was stopped on the south tracks and stretched around a corner east of the overpass, beyond sight.

Some cars were separated from the rest of the train at the Perth Street crossing, which was blocked.

Officers sectioned off the scene right beneath the overpass with police tape and a tarp covered the victim's body directly below the east side of the overpass.

Over by the Via station, Corey Mills said he received a phone call and headed to the scene. He was given a description of the victim that confirmed his worst fears.

Mills said his brother suffered from severe obsessive compulsive disorder and could not find the right treatment for the condition that tormented him.

"He wanted to be put in a hospital," he said, adding doctors were telling Kirk he did not require hospitalization.