Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Neuschafer, David
14 July 1967 - 13 December 1984
Enterprise, Kansas

Our Remembrance
"Missing You, Dave"
By Anna Marie Richardson Neuschafer

We miss you Dave, each night and each day.
The world's not the same, Dave; the sky's always gray.

We don't laugh as much, Dave, and life isn't fun.
This break in our hearts comes from missing you, son.

We loved you so much, Dave, the ache never ends.
It helps but doesn't cure to spend time with your friends.

We miss your big smile, Dave, your jokes and your pep.
The sound of your voice and your fast walking step.

Life could be better, if you were still here.
But, you aren't, and we miss you, and we shed one more tear.

Written by David's mother, Anna Marie (Richardson) Neuschafer