Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Burk, Palmerston
29 July 1998 - 04 October 2012
Washngton, USA

Our Remembrance
Palmerston Robert Kelly Burk was a 14 year old Renaissance Man. He loved climbing trees and surfing in the the wild Pacific Ocean as much as writing poetry and studying military history. He wanted to be a blacksmith, and at age 12 forged his own knife, which he carried on his daily outdoor adventures. Palmer had an incredible vocabulary and grasp of the English language, and was a natural, benevolent leader. He lived an adventurous, creative life. He was a wrestler and also played football and lacrosse, and had just joined Crew. This boy loved his Momma, Dad, brother, sister and many, many friends and family members, along with his beloved dogs. His tender heart was the thing that made him so well loved, yet too beautiful for this world. Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Love you Palmer!!!