Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Parker, David Swank
24 December 1975 - 26 April 1993

Our Remembrance
David was a kind and generous person to everyone he met. I was truly blessed to be his mother for the 17 short years he was with us. He's been gone more years than he was here, but I still miss him terribly.

He left a note explaining the mistake he made. He didn't want to shame his family when people found out. When you're 17, everything is so black and white. No shades of gray. I could have dealt with the shame a whole lot easier than losing him (and my future grandchildren) forever.

If you are considering suicide, please don't do it! Reach out to someone you trust for help-- pastor, teacher, or another professional. Talk about it. Get out of toxic relationships. You won't regret it. Hugs!