Faces of Suicide

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Henderson, Daniel Dale
11 May 1955 - 28 October 2013

Our Remembrance
Remembrance : For as long as I can remember, I have always been a daddy’s girl. He was my hero in more ways than I can say. He was my hero, my superman.In my eyes he has always been 100 feet tall and stronger than anything in the world. My daddy loved us kids so much and he was an amazing daddy. My daddy was an amazing man. I was so blessed to be loved by him and to be his daughter. I still keep thinking that the phone is going to ring and that he\'s going to be there still in my life. I look up at the sky at night at the stars and they just twinkle at me, and I just know it is my daddy saying he\'s okay he\'s looking over me. He was always my strength and my rock but also my gentle teddy bear. He always saw the best in me and knew that I could do anything I put my mind to. I know that he is up there in heaven shining down on me and that he will always be with me through everything I experience, both the good times and the bad times. When I\'m scared he will be in my heart to comfort me, and when I am happy he will be there to smile with me. I don’t know how to go on without my daddy. To never see him again just steals my breath from me. He was my papa bear, and I just loved snuggling up to him and laying on his belly because he was so cuddly like a teddy bear. My daddy will always be my superman and I will never get over losing him from my life. I wish that I could have said goodbye.

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