Faces of Suicide

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Sims, Corey Joseph
23 March 1994 - 22 September 2021
Afton, Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
Corey was a true empath in a horrible world. He wore everyone’s pain, sadness, anger and fear as though it were his own. He felt for and with everyone he ever knew. He was a wonderful soul with the heart of a true angel. He loved with every ounce of his being. Corey touched everyone he knew in a way that will never be forgotten. Losing him is most definitely going to leave a massive whole in my heart and my life. Corey was my best friend and the love of my life after only his sister. He was my one true ride or die. He had my back and I had his, right or wrong we had each others back no matter the circumstances. He was too good of a soul for this tragic world we live in these days. He will be sadly missed but his light will carry on through his little boy, 5 year old Landon. Always in my heart and forever in my soul. Love Momma

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