Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Pruitt, Marcus
12 October 1972 - 02 February 2012
Birmingham, Alabama

Our Remembrance
I am Marc's sister. He was and will always be absolutely precious to me. Marc was a person of contrasts and contradictions - sometimes he was full of confidence, on top of the world, a go getter, extremely good-looking, charismatic, an amazing musician and gifted artist. But then sometimes, his demons would kick in and get the best of him. He had a remarkable knack for losing it all and getting it all back. I believe this last time... he just didn't have anymore fight in him. I truly believe he thought he was doing everyone a favor by ending his life. He is no longer in pain, he\'s no longer battling those demons... he is finally at peace. We all miss him to the point that we are completely sick over it. There is a huge hole, agape with unanswered questions. Marc, we miss you so much buddy... we love you!