Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Boychuk, Peter
21 August 1987 - 01 August 2018
Gainesville, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Peter Boychuk was not only my partner for 18 years but my best friend and my everything the way I spent my life and every good memory that I have involves him. I've never met anyone and I've met a lot of people but I have never met anyone like Peter and I don't think it's possible. At 16 years old he started importing knock-off jeans and wallets which grew into something more sustainable that's his entrepreneurship led him to seek out manufacturers in China That's how old I am parts becoming import genius importing 477 containers in 11 years the past 5 in our 12000 square foot Warehouse that we were able to move into after growing out of our 8000 square foo t purchased by Peter if you don't call that a brilliant mind I don't know what it is you would never know the things that I just told you unless you Googled him or we're apart of his life and I'm blessed beyond measure to have been the person he chose to share his life with I could die happy today feeling fulfilled accomplished and loved by Peter. He allowed me to love him to death literally. Unfortunately he suffered from paranoia and started to feel guilty instead of excited that we were able to retire this year and really start our lives. He wanted to take himself out of the problem which we have zero problems so for him to feel like a burden or greedy or undeserving of the past 12 years of hard work in our lives so many accomplishments and Global recognitions the owner of Ship Your Enemies Glitter, and then internet entrepreneur inspiring me open my first brick and mortar hairbar salons in Johns Creek. no matter what Peter got into it was always the best and he was always the best of it not because he was trying to be the best just because at the end of the day he's simply ruled anything and everything he wanted to and I'm beyond blessed and impressed and do not have a single bad memory with him only positive things and a beautiful giving spirit who gave and gave and gave and then gave his life so that his life's work could retire as a memory as he is unable to retire with me. And this time of reflection is full of guilt that the one person you trusted your life with was unable 2 be enough for you to feel happy with yourself or called of yourself which I've only heard you say happy and proud things until the last 3 days and I want to bring High hours to unfortunate ending to an untreated manic depressive bipolar simply because his way was better and if we constantly change diets and try to make ourselves feel better. However we can it'll go away and that's not true chemicals do not change because you want them to and it is okay to medicate chemical imbalances so that you can feel properly and live your best life I hate that I now have to be medicated but I know that you would tell me to and it's okay because you would have told me it's okay and that you wish you would have so badly being on the other side of things unable to come back and take medication with me you know and just accept yourself for what you are and be so proud of what I was so proud of you I wish that you would love to you as much as I love you if you needed more and I would have cared you would have loved you if you through any thing and you know that now. I meet you at our spot sunset every night which is the best Sunset I've ever seen every night.