Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Mart, Jeffery Furtado
07 July 1988 - 14 July 2013
San Mateo, California

Our Remembrance
My brother died, he was 25 years old. He thought he was worth nothing but, he was worth everything to me. I lost part of my heart that day. I just wish I would have said goodbye or I love you. See our mom died 2 years ago and I had to sign her off life support. I was 24 he was 22 so we lost a lot. Now I lost him, my only family. I want people to be aware whose around and hold them close. He rode away on his bike and had his backpack on. He jumped and drowned. I hope he had his last burrito, like we talked about and I hope he saw his last sunset. I love you day of thunder and I will never have anyone like u......