Faces of Suicide

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Hiatt, Spencer Levi
02 August 1989 - 26 January 2015
Orem, Utah

Our Remembrance
We lost a father, son, brother, uncle, and valued friend Spencer Hiatt..a very loved individual to suicide.
A Army Veteran who served in a tour in Afghanistan, lost his battle with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
on January 26th, 2015.
Spencer`s death was very unexpected, and all those who held him dear lives, have not, and will not ever be the same.

==> My younger brother spent the majority of the day before his death at my home with myself, husband, and son. It never, ever would have occurred to me that would be the last time I would see and speak to him. I love and miss him so much.
All I can do is accept that after being in so much internal pain and anguish,
he has found peace. Whatever or Wherever that may be.

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