Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Rowe, John Matthew
23 September 1966 - 12 March 2018
Dublin, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My brother John was brilliant (Harvard University and Kellogg School of Management MBA), successful (senior management positions throughout his career) and the proud father of two fantastically brilliant and beautiful daughters.
He was also the best little brother anyone has ever had. He was a joyful runner with a goofy sense of humor and an ever readiness to discuss any topic in the entire world. But John was never able to come to grips with a darkening and deepening depression that he self medicated and despite multiple trips to rehab, John was never able to free himself from, or even contain the forces of bi-polar, depression and alcoholism that consumed his spirit and then his life.
Our father recently passed away at the age of 90. That should have been John someday— a cheery old man who read lots of books, loved his grandchildren and who passed away in his sleep. Not a beautiful young man who still had his entire life to lead.