Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Feeley, Patrick James
04 October 1913 - 16 December 1962
Cody, Wyoming, USA

Our Remembrance
My father, Patrick Feeley was a World War II Marine Corps Veteran who served in the Pacific Theater. Two of the worst battles he was in were Peleliu and Okinawa. Whatever had happened there, he carried it with him for twenty years until he took his life on the outskirts of his hometown. Ironically, I was looking up family history and found out that the leading cause of death in Wyoming is through suicide. My mom later remarried and I use my stepdad's name. My lived to 99 years old and would always wake up and think"What could I have done more to help Pat." Much is said of the combat veterans, and all of the honor is deserved, it is hell to go through. But many do not think about the spouse at home who cares for the family and has to deal with the husband who comes home full of nightmares. They did not have help for PTSD veterans back then. They did not help my mom or dad.